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Take a look under your pets lips. You may find receding and inflamed gums, tarter, and loose teeth. You might also notice bad breath. The bacteria associated with all these signs are also a source of infection and inflammation in other areas of the body. Heart valves and kidneys are target organs. Dental disease is also a source of pain.

Contact the hospital today to schedule a dental exam with one of our doctors. The doctor will give your pet a complete physical exam and an estimate for a complete dental. This will include cleaning and inspection of all the exposed surfaces of each tooth. We will check below the gum line as well. In advanced periodontal disease extractions are often required. All this requires a general anesthetic. Boulevard Veterinary Hospital uses a safe and short acting anesthesia called sevoflurane exclusively. You may want to bring your pet on an empty stomach for same day exam and dental. (661) 942-1489

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