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We are a full-service Lancaster, CA animal hospital committed to delivering the very best in veterinary medical services. Our veterinary practice has delivered high quality animal medical care to Lancaster, Palmdale, and the greater Antelope Valley area for over 65 years. Unique among Antelope Valley veterinary hospitals, Boulevard Veterinary Hospital specializes in the minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical method to perform spays and other procedures as well. Pets that undergo this type of spay will endure less pain, experience shorter recovery times, and benefit from reduced trauma to their bodies than with the traditional, more invasive spay procedure. We provide orthopedic services, including TTA surgery, as well as surgical oncology and chemotherapy. With our new, highly capable medical facility, we are able to provide a range of services under one roof that are typically the domain of specialty vet clinics.

All of the doctors, technicians, nurses, and office staff of Boulevard Veterinary Hospital entered this field because we love pets and we love helping pet owners enjoy their "family members" for as long as is possible. We will do everything in our power to ensure the health and well-being of your beloved four legged friends. For over half a century, this practice has successfully accomplished that for the pets of the Antelope Valley. Small animal hospitals such as ours treat every patient like an individual, not a number. Expect the best care from Boulevard Veterinary Hospital.

We want to establish a healthcare relationship with you and your pet instead of merely delivering services. Regular wellness exams are a vital part of keeping your cat or dog healthy. In some ways, your pets are similar to people. As we all age, our health issues begin to accumulate. There comes a time where we have to be a little more diligent in illness prevention and management. Regular check-ups make it much easier for your pet’s doctor to deliver treatments that cure or mitigate illnesses. A visit to our Lancaster veterinary hospital will empower you with the information you need to take great care of your pet, and of course your cat or dog will appreciate you for it.

Boulevard Veterinary Hospital is here for your animal vaccination, spay, and/or neuter needs. Whether you are just looking for a conveniently located animal doctor in Lancaster, or searching for the very best professionals to administer much needed care to your pet, we are a great choice. Vaccinating your pets at the right time is vital to the long term health and survival of dogs and cats. If you do not know much about which vaccines your pet needs or when, give us a call. Our staff would love to help you.

Having your pets spayed and neutered is not just a great way to minimize certain undesirable behaviors in your pets, it also is a responsibility to the pet population at large. Many unwanted cats and dogs suffer and die as strays in our city streets, and this sad condition can be prevented if we all take it upon ourselves to spay and neuter our pets. We are proud to say that we offer the least invasive and least painful method among Lancaster animal hospitals.

  • David Ruppert, DVM Ruppert

    Years in Practice: 31 +

    Education:  Colorado State University, School of Veterinary Medicine

  • Jonathan Zuker, DVM Zuker

    Years in Practice: 9

    Education: Western University College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Valerie

    Years in Practice: 40+

  • Sader

    Years in Practice: 25+

  • Melissa

    Years in Practice: 22

  • Trisha

    Years in Practice: 19

  • Kyle
    Veterinary Assistant

    Years in Practice: 13

  • Juanita
    Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

    Years in Practice: 13

  • Michelle

    Years in Practice: 5

  • Lily
    Kennel Assistant

    Years in Practice: 3

  • Jen
    Certified Veterinary Assistant

    Years in Practice:   1 

  • Raylene Umsted

    Years in Practice:  2

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